K. Rose is a freelance artist working out of the greater Boston Area from her home studio, with feline assistant, Coco.  She uses a variety of media in her work, noting Watercolor to be her favorite

 With a passion for Children's Media, Product Design and whimsy, K. Rose creates charming, family friendly illustrations, and designs.

Her illustrations are often themed around addressing current issues in a kid friendly manor, as she believes that breaking down these stereotypes and norms early on helps to nurture positivity and acceptance in the world. 

On her shop, She sells custom portraits, prints, original work, and greeting cards. She can be found at various festivals & conventions around the Boston area selling her wares throughout the year. 

When she's not creating, she enjoys reading, video games, table top games, knitting, and Netflix.

For questions, inquiries, or anything else please e-mail:



  • Wicked Strange” | Brookline Arts Center | 2018

  • Night Owls” | 301 Gallery | 2018

  • All Senior Show” | Montserrat Gallery | 2018

  • Artraegous! Auction | 2018

  • Prehistoric” | Schlosberg Gallery | 2018

  • Persuade Me” | 301 Gallery | 2017

    Cryptic” | 301 Gallery | 2016


  • “Getaway House” Artist Residency and Fellowship | 2018

  • Montserrat Illustration Ambassador Award | 2018